KING MING industry co.,ltd. has been established since 1975.our company specializes in the production of metal wire and tubing products. the total capital of our company amounted to 15,000,000 US dollars.Today we produce system shelves for use in Supermarkets. Department Store,Warehouses,Storage areas as well as shelves for family use In the Kitchen,Living room and Working room etc.Our markets and for account of our company we have already applied for paten on our products in USA, JAPAN and many other countries.
For the control of good quality and for the high efficiency of mass production.We manufactured our products from our own wire forming equipments and keep all the production procedures inside Our own factory till the ladings and loadings are made(INCLUDING WIRE DRAWING CUTTING BENDING WELDING,PLATING VARNISHING AND PACKING).Our quality has been approved by the NSF authority in USA, and Our products have gained great confidence and trust from our customers all over the world.
We are flexible and responsive to challenge any of new markets as well as new inventions related to our production capabilities.Since 1999 we thoroughly enforce ISO9001 quality system to carry out our Best quality.Best price and Best service to meet the greater challenge with firm determination.


Head Office /Factory
No. 14 Jing-Jiann ST. Yuan-Chang Industrial Zone, Yuan-Chang Hsiang,
Yuen-Lin Hsien, Taiwan.
Tel:886-5-786-1468(Rep) 886-5-233-7991
http:// www.klicl.com